Simple Changes Make a Lasting Impact: Nutrition Edition

June 28, 2018

Many people live under the wrong impression that eating healthy is all-or-nothing. They think that making good resolutions to start living a healthier life comes with a total change of all their day-to-day habits. This is scary, and it is already setting them up for failure. No wonder so many abandon their new journey after only a few days. Well, I have really good news for you! You don’t have to do everything in one day. When it comes to healthy eating, small changes today will make a HUGE impact on your health OVER TIME. Small, intentional changes now can lead to big, lasting changes for the future. 



Let’s take the simple example of changing breakfast from sweet to savory with healthy fats, carbs and proteins. If it doesn’t seem like a big change, continue to read! 


Do you know what a snowball does when it goes down the hill? I am sure you do! Now keep this image in your head, and let’s imagine what happens when you (or your kids, or family, or friends) simply shift from a sugary breakfast to a healthy and savory breakfast. This leads to a lower blood sugar, right? 

This will snowball into more balanced hormones — you know that, too. Let’s continue with the snowball effect and to make it easier for you to understand; I will create a long chain of what will happen! 


The Savory Breakfast Snowball: 

No sugar crash → No blood sugar roller coaster → More balanced hormones → Less insulin 

→ No extreme hunger and cravings to get out of the vicious circle → No excessive sugar stored as fat → No nervousness and irritability caused by sugar crash → Less/no aggressiveness → Less/no difficulty concentrating and focusing → Less/no stress → More success → Healthier weight → Better self-esteem → Better relationships → Better life → HAPPIER 


I admit this is simplified, but this is the perfect example of a snowball effect. It starts with a very small change, BUT over time, it builds on itself to become exponentially greater and greater. Voila! All this from simply changing your breakfast from sweet to savory. 


Just like the snowball, being a living, breathing example of how to live well will have a magical ripple effect on the world around you. All you have to do is start small. The truth is, as a role model, you will never know how great of an impact you are having in the world. Even if the positive changes you make are only observed by one person, that person will then be a source of positive influence on others, and so on. That’s what is so magical about human connection and relationships. (But that’s a post for another day!)


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Simple Changes Make a Lasting Impact: Nutrition Edition

June 28, 2018

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