Delphine Remy Starts the Countdown to Our First Wellness Training!

April 4, 2018


I could not resist starting the countdown to HeathCorps’ wellness event in Houston, TX on Sept 18. This is so significant because it’s the first time they’ve developed an event for the general public. It will be the first of a long series, and I am so excited to share this experience with you.


Before meeting you all, I would like to tell you a little more about myself. I could very well start with my diplomas and certificates, but there is something much more important to say first: Thank you HealthCorps. I feel so honored to be your ambassador and to be invited as the keynote speaker for the first event in Houston! This is really an amazing opportunity.


I currently live in Belgium, but I have spent almost half of my life in the U.S., the country closest to my heart! I feel like a Belgian and an American at the same time, and I make sure to spend plenty of time in the U.S. to recharge my batteries of positive energy and enjoy the best of both countries.


In my professional life, I am a chef and holistic nutrition and eating psychology coach, both in Belgium and in Houston. I graduated from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, a world-renowned school known for its powerful, cutting-edge tools and individually-tailored protocols that have greatly influenced my coaching techniques. I am also an Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ Certified Practitioner.


At home, I also keep myself busy as a passionate blogger, cookbook writer, and mother of 2 teenagers. I love it all!


My adventure with HealthCorps started when I met the President of HealthCorps, Michelle Bouchard, in Houston. As they say, things always happen for a reason! When I left Houston almost 3 years ago to move back to Europe, I really wanted to say connected with the U.S. It is my dream to help people here and impact their relationship to food and health.


As I learned more about the mission and purpose of HealthCorps, it seemed as though the stars were aligning! I share their vision for integrated wellbeing - promoting the practice of positive thought, better eating habits, and more exercise to build the resilience necessary to handle life’s challenges.


As an ambassador, I jumped at the chance to create a fun video cookbook with 40 recipes designed to help young people discover the joy of cooking, the simplicity of creating home-prepared dishes, and the immediate benefits of healthy eating. I am so excited to present this collaboration at the HealthCorps Gala on April 23rd. I feel particularly connected to the focus on teens because it is exactly at this time in my life that I started cooking for my family and friends. And just a few years later, at the age of 25, I was teaching my first cooking lesson in the U.S.


I am thrilled by the opportunity to contribute to a healthier youth in the United States, and I very much look forward to helping people develop healthy lifestyle habits and a relationship with food that will nourish their minds and bodies. After all, healthier people are happier people, and this is where the ripple effect begins.


Somehow, the world has moved so fast that our advances actually complicate health and wellness. A lot of times, we skip over the basics just to keep up with the latest marketing, but the HealthCorps program was developed to bring essential fundamentals to organizations, homes, and communities.


Participants get to be a part of a unique experience where they’ll discover the HealthCorps philosophy through fun, experiential workshops, a panel discussion, and the opportunity to discover the amazing local services and products in the area.


By attending this event, you will also become a ambassador. An ambassador of well-being to yourself and those around you. The truth is, as a role model, you will never truly grasp the depth of your impact on the world. This is how change works... and you may never know that it all started with you.


Click HERE to purchase tickets! Grab your spot because seating is limited!


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