"Through my own journey, formal education, and training, I have learned how to unwind from toxic beliefs and negativity. My mission is to share my life experience and training with everyone so that everyone has the opportunity to feel their best and let their beauty and unique radiance shine. A true lifestyle transformation is magical, energizing and uplifting — and benefits us all."


Delphine Remy has acquired Coaching certifications in Holistic NutritionMind Body Nutrition and Eating Psychology from schools such as “NutraPhoria, School of Holistic Nutrition” and the “Institute for the Psychology of Eating”. “Institute for the Psychology of Eating” is world renowned for its powerful cutting-edge tools and protocols and has greatly influenced Delphine’s coaching techniques. She is also an Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™ Certified Practitioner.


"In real life, my day is filled with the opportunity to be a mother, a wife, a chef and a coach. I currently live in Belgium yet travel often in an effort to work with my patients and clients, spend time with my friends and family, explore and broaden my horizons. My multicultural experiences over 40 years have helped shape my approach to establishing a more (well, let’s call it) balanced lifestyle. We are all a work-in-progress and there is no such thing as perfection but if we work hard enough — we can get pretty close. I encourage you to seek happiness and fulfillment in your life!"

Delphine Remy:

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